What Is Reflexology Foot Massage

What is Reflexology Foot Massage

Have you ever felt exhausted after spending a tiring day at the workplace? This is common, right? Yes! The major contributor to this is the external environment as well as not getting your body and mind the proper amount of relaxation.

Our body needs to rejuvenate itself after a point of time. If we do not provide it with the proper relaxing treatment it may lead to fatal diseases. Moreover, the hectic schedule on which today’s population is running is making more and more prone to deadly illnesses.

It is a known fact that massage is one of the oldest forms of relaxing the body. Massage is a process in which a massager applies pressure on different parts of the body. The pressure triggers the nervous system of the body. This results in relaxing the physical body and relaxing the mind of the person.

As time evolved the medical science came up with different forms of massage. People often get confused between reflexology and massage. This article will narrate you with the different aspects of reflexology. Moreover, we will also answer the question about what is reflexology foot massage and why it should be given.

What Do You Mean By Reflexology Massage?

Foot Reflexology Benefits

The term reflexology is often taken in reference to massage. But both of them are not the same. Reflexology is a process in which the massagers apply pressure on those points which are considered as reflex zones.

A reflex zone is an area that connects the other part of the body to that organ. The human has three different reflex zones in their body one is located in their hands, one in their ear and the last one in their feet. This is why reflexology targets each of the following zones in their therapy.

In reflexology, the person applies pressure to these reflex points of the body. This in return triggers the signal carrying nerves of the body. This way the nervous system of the body becomes more efficient and thereby the body calms itself down.

By undergoing this therapy you can get your whole body rejuvenated. Yes! You can also get an enhanced lymphatic drainage system as well as improved body blood circulation. This reduces mental stress and you can get yourself with a better energy level.

What Is Foot Reflexology?

If you are looking for the answer to what is foot reflexology then you are in the right place. This subtopic will clear your doubts about what actually is foot reflexology.

As discussed earlier, the reflexology deals with three parts of the body, the feet, the palm, and the ears. The reflex therapy which is given to the feet of the person is known as foot reflexology. The foot is considered as one of the major contributors to the condition of a person’s health. It has a direct connection with many vital organs of the body. This is why the therapy of reflexology often treats many fatal illnesses of the human body.

The focus of the foot reflexology is to release tension from the human body. As stress is concluded as one of the worst contributors to poor health conditions it is necessary that you should get rid of it. Stress blocks the thinking capability of the body as well as it is also worse for the immune system.

The pressure which is applied on the reflex points of the foot helps in triggering the nervous system. This then clears the energy blockage which is present inside the body due to physical stress. The foot reflexology helps in granting the body with a state of equilibrium.

Why Should One Get Reflexology Foot Massage?

You might be thinking of the foot reflexology benefits. Do not worry about this sub-point we will clear all the doubts about the benefits of this therapy and why should you get one.

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: In order to get the body in regular functioning it is important that the heart gives out the proper amount of blood. It is the blood of the body that helps in fighting different diseases. Stress often slows the blood manufacturing process. The foot massage from a good reflexologist will act as a great tool to improve the blood circulation system.
  • Rejuvenation: We all want to have a therapy that rejuvenates our body. The foot massage triggers the central nervous system which hence affects different vital organs of the body.
  • Mental Calmness: The central nervous system of the body is responsible for sending signals from the brain to different parts of the body. The reflexology foot treatment helps in clearing out the energy blockage and thereby relaxing the mind of the person.

Final Verdict

In the end, this article has answered all the important questions about what is reflexology foot massage and why one should have it. We want to say that we as a human need to give our body proper rest. The spa and massage parlors are being built to treat your body in a certain way so that one can get the best out of their energy level. You should also get treated yourself with the foot reflexology massage.

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