Tips To Give a Foot Massage Therapy

Foot Massage Therapy

Is A Foot Massage Therapy Beneficial?

Foot Massage Chart


This question may revolve in the minds of the people to whether foot massage therapy is really beneficial or not? It has been a part of many different cultures across the world. In the Indian subcontinent, foot massages have helped in developing a great bond of relationships. On the other hand, the carvings on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids decipher the reflex points
present in the feet of the person.

Today, physiotherapy and reflexology are one of the most effective branches of medical science. Both of them play a vital role in dealing with many fatal illnesses. Some of the foot massage benefits are explained below:

  • Stress Releasing: One of the most beneficial things about the foot massage is that it helps in curing the stress level of the person. Stress often makes the body prone to several dangerous diseases. The body gets weaker and the mind becomes slower. A foot massage helps in rejuvenating the body. Thereby all the stress which is present in the mind of the person will get released.
  • Enhanced Immunity: Immunity is the body’s defense system. It is the immune system of the body that helps it to eradicate the deadly antibodies which target the vital organs. The foot massage helps in boosting up the immune system of the body. The feet of the person are composed of different reflex points. These reflex points connect to different organs of the body. A massager triggers the nervous system which then boosts up the functioning of these organs.
  • Improved Circulation: Stress often slows the blood formation in the body. Blood is the most important source of carrying different vital elements to different parts of the body. It is the blood that is responsible for the manufacturing of the white blood cells. Moreover, it also carries filtered oxygen to the lungs and other parts of the body. By getting a good foot massage you can enhance the blood circulation level within the body.
  • Alleviating Illnesses: Due to the poor immune system, one may get prone to several illnesses. Foot massages are considered as one of the best tools to fight many fatal diseases.

Tips to Remember While Giving A Foot Massage Therapy

Every foot massager, irrespective of its variant has to perform different foot massage steps. If you miss a single step while performing the message you may not be able to give your customer the total satisfaction and relaxation. This is the reason why we have brought to you the tips to remember while performing massage therapy over your clients.

1. Wash Your Hands: The first and foremost thing which you should remember while performing a foot massage that you should wash your hands. This process should be accomplished before and after the foot massage has been given to the customer.

2. Lotion Used: It is necessary that you use an oil or lotion that has a good essence in it. The scent of the oil should help in relaxing the mind of the person. Moreover, warm oil helps in triggering the nervous system more effectively.

3. Foot Chart: If you are performing the massage through reflexology then you should remember the foot massage chart by heart. This way you will exactly know the locations of the reflex points present in the feet of the person. Also, you will be able to work according to the area of pain incurred by the person.

Final Verdict

A foot massage therapy can be given to any person irrespective of their age. If you want to get a good massage then it is recommended that you visit the best massage parlor in your locality. The workers working there should be experienced professionals and have immense knowledge about massage therapies.

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