How To Give The Best Foot Massage

How to Give the Best Foot Massage

The human body is a natural machine that needs to be rested in order to keep it working for a longer period of time. But nowadays people are so consumed with their everyday life that they do not have the time to rest. This is what makes the scenario worse.

Every person today is a part of a rat race of earning more and more money and thereby become successful. Due to this people are adding up into their working hours which are resulting in the formation of stress in the human mind.

Stress is a mental illness which not only slows down the thinking capacity of the brain but also makes the immune system of the body weaker. There are several ways through which you can deal with stress. The best amongst them is to get a body massage.

Massage therapy is one of the most ancient forms of stress relieving process. It has been practiced in many cultures for years now. Massages can be given to different body parts. This depends on the variant of the body massage as well as the problem for which it is provided.

Foot massage is given in the feet of the person. There are two major ways of providing a foot massage. This article will hence answer the question about how to give the best foot massage as well as the importance of the foot massage.

Essentiality of a Foot Massage

How to Give a Foot Massage


If you are looking for the importance of foot massage then you are in the right place. In here we will explain to you with the importance of having a foot massage:

● A foot massage helps in rejuvenating your body. Stress can actually take a spill of your mind as well as physical health. A good foot massage can trigger the nervous system of the body. This results in calming down the brain and relaxing the physical body.

● A proper foot massage can help in improving the blood circulation in the body. Blood is the major carrier of many vital elements in the body. It carries oxygen, energy elements as well as nutrients to different parts of the organs. Hence, it is important to get a good foot massage to trigger your blood circulation system.

● The foot massage can enhance the immune system of the body. This way the body becomes more defensive towards eliminating different harmful antibodies.

● Foot massage can help in treating vital health diseases as well. In reflexology foot massage the massager applies pressure on the reflex points of the feet. The reflex points connect the foot to the different vital organs of the body. Hence, one can treat many fatal illnesses by getting a good reflexology foot massage at regular intervals.

How Can You Give The Best Foot Massage?

The question of how to give a foot massage may revolve around in the mind of a person. This is why we here will explain to you with simple steps to give a foot massage.

1. Use The Thumb To Rub The Top Surface Of The Feet

Start with rubbing the top of the feet with your thumb. Make sure you do it gently. Hold the ankle in one hand and then move the foot backward and forward.

2. Rub The Arches

The second step is to rub the arches present in the foot. For this, you need to use your thumb. Hold the foot in your hand and apply gentle pressure over the thumb to rub the arches of the foot. You must do it in a circular motion.

3. Massage The Heels

In the third step, you need to pressurize the heels of the foot. Move the thumb in a down-up motion. The pressure should be applied to the Achilles tendon. This runs from calf muscles to the heels of the foot.

4. Time For The Fingers

In the fourth step, you need to pull and squeeze each finger of the foot. This helps the blood vessels to open up. Make sure you squeeze them gently and not very hard. While pulling you may hear a cracking sound. This clears up the joints present in the fingers.

5. Ankle Of The Foot

In the fifth step, you need to massage the ankle of the feet. Initially you begin with a slow hand and then you can apply a good amount of pressure. Remember to carry this in a circular motion.

6. Fist To Feet

Now use your fist to apply pressure on the surface of the feet. Perform this step in an up and down motion.

7. Reflex Points

In this step, you need to apply pressure in the reflex points of the foot. For this, you need to use your thumb. You can look for a reflex massage chart to get the exact locations of these points.

8. Wash And Dry

In the last step, you need to wash the feet in warm water. It is better to use lemon which can extract the oil which was applied while massaging. After the foot is cleaned. Soak it with a dry towel.

Final Verdict

We have written this article to make sure that you get to learn about how to give the best foot massage? It has not only elaborated the steps of giving a foot massage but you can also find the importance of having a foot massage. So if you are experiencing a stressful situation then it is the best time to experience this therapy.

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